Saturday, November 7, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 6

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 6

I'm thankful for #TheWorldsBestBesties

I'm blessed enough to have three of the best people ever in my life and even better they are elite level... They are Besties.  That mystical beast that is told of in fairy tales, kinda like the Loch Ness Monster or Yeti, but more elusive and worth more than the National Inquirer could afford for the story.

All three of my people are wicked smart and don't make me feel like a douche for the nerdy things that I often times do or say (which is most of the time).  One is a total sports head and physical healer, one is an adventure junky and mental healer, and the other is a Jacqueline of all trades (what you need she's got... or can get).  We can talk all the time or hardly at all, but our "shorthand" is so awesome that I can stay in step with them and not feel as though something is lacking.  This peace and ease of friendship/companionship is so great that I'm in constant awe of these fabby folks.

I wish that everyone had access to at least one person in their lives that was to them what my trio are to me. I know that the world would be a more peaceful an loving place that wish ever came to pass.

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