Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 22

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 22

I'm thankful for my Wonder Twin Jayna (Bunn)

I got the short end of the stick and I can only turn into forms of liquid (i.e. Zan) to help get us out of binds/conversations, as Bunn totally has the raptor/guerilla thing down (all I had was puff adder and llamma). But we can have the most awesome non-conversations with just a look and have the crudest/filthy/foul geek/nerd/cartoon filled conversations using extensive vocabs (to include her fav word indeed) and most of the time hand and body gestures.   From Raptor on tippy toes or guerilla fights with my brother (a true wonder of the world, sadly few have seen it) my wonder twin knows when I'm good or bad, happy or sad... but not in the creepy Kris Kringle kinda way.  And always knows when it is time to feed the pygmy.  I don't know what'd I'd do w/o her.

As a side note at least I'm not Gleek!!

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 21

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 21

I'm thankful for Lindt Truffles

I love chocolate.  Dark. Semi Sweet. Milk. Flavored. With Nuts. With Pretzels. With Peanut Butter. Specialty. Common. My easy go to ('cause I'm bougie and have a 1st choice, but it comes from Vermont) for a speciality chocolate fix are several of the variety of the Lindt chocolate truffles: Hazelnut, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate.

A good piece of chocolate will force you to live in the moment. To recognize the joy to be had for that moment.  The smooth creamy texture of the chocolate.  The texture of the nuts or the sea salt.  The amount of sweetness to the truffle.  The wonder at the shell being solid but the inside of the truffle being softer and more fluid.

I'm trying to live more in the present and these help me do that. . . 70 calories and 90 seconds at a time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 20

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 20

I'm thankful for Smart, Socially Conscious/Aware Circle Members

The Spiritually Confused World of a Socially Conscious Unsociable… Masked as a Minister by The Eric Brown Venture

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 19

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 19

I'm thankful for my 1st world problems

With all of the violence and unnecessary death that is happening around the globe this week, it makes me sad for the innocents caught in the middle and it makes me thankful for my "1st world" problems.

Attacks in Beirut, Lebanon on 11/12/2015

240 injured: 43 dead

Attacks in Paris, France on 11/13/2015

325 injured: 130 dead

Attack in Yola, Nigeria on 11/17/2015

80 injured: 34+ dead

Attack in Kano, Nigeria on 11/18/2015

123+ injured: 15 dead

Updated to include:

Attack in Bamako, Mali on 11/20/2015

170 taken hostage: 2 injured: 27 dead

List of terrorist incidents worldwide thus far in 2015

I know that I take for granted that I have food at my house, electricity to light the darkness and drive off the cold, money for life and issues as they arise.  I can get so "in a rut" that I can take these and numerous other blessings for granted and start to complain about the "shit" going on in my life.  But the worry that faces the people in the places listed above and countless others in the 2nd & 3rd world doesn't even begin to cross my mind:

  • Will someone kill me for my beliefs
    • or their beliefs for that matter
  • Will someone blow themselves or me up while I'm at the store
  • Will someone plant an explosive device in the parking lot of my house/apt or job
Before you close your eyes after this please give out in the universe a thought/prayer/word for those that violence has affected and thanks that today it wasn't you.

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 18

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 18

I'm thankful for my sugar bear

This year my kid had a kid.  I'm totally a grand-bug!!!  
She is just so yummy!!

This little lady is going to be so much fun to watch grow up, she is so much of her mother that it is comical to see in a baby.  A totally sassy pants, with RBF that will stop you in your tracks.
Pleabs fetch me my sippy cup

But she also has the wide eyed innocence of her father to smooth out the "burn your house down" rages of my kid.
I am the sunshine in your day!

I can't wait to see just what side of the force my ReyBell ends up on!
I will bring balance to the force

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 17

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 17

I'm thankful for the blatant blessings

I've struggled to find something to write about for the 17th, I've even written and finished posts for the 18th, 19th, and 20th... and still this languishes.  Leading me to understand that I have so much to be thankful for that I can't pin down one thing that stands out for that day.  #BlatantlyBlessed

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 16

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 16

I'm thankful for Shrimp Mei Fen from Evergreen Express at Nippers Corner

That is all!