Monday, November 9, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 7

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 7

I'm thankful for the self love that was instilled in me by my Chuck

I had someone say something to me that just set so wrong with me that I couldn't keep my tongue.  They didn't see it as anything more than being a flippant comment, but it was insulting to me and I made sure to tell them 6 ways to Sunday just how I felt about it. . . Today after thinking about it again (like introverts are known to do) it came to me that if I didn't have the level of self love that I do, I would have let those words plant negative thoughts in my head/heart, destroying  my self worth.

Thankfully I can say that I had a great teacher of this life lesson in the love the my grandmother, Charlie Herring (AKA Chuck) had for herself.  I would like to be able to better or properly explain to you just how fiercely she "loved her some Charlie", something that she would tell you on a regular.  Regardless of what was thrown at her she held tight to 1) her love for Jesus and 2) her love for herself.  Growing up with this example I took it to heart that I should love myself.  In watching others in my life (family, friends, contacts) I began to notice that others didn't have this love of self.  And this observation led me to understand that you can't love what you made (your kids) or others if you don't love yourself.  

So much of the world's suffering, all I believe, from a lack of self love.  

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