Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 21

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 21

I'm thankful for Lindt Truffles

I love chocolate.  Dark. Semi Sweet. Milk. Flavored. With Nuts. With Pretzels. With Peanut Butter. Specialty. Common. My easy go to ('cause I'm bougie and have a 1st choice, but it comes from Vermont) for a speciality chocolate fix are several of the variety of the Lindt chocolate truffles: Hazelnut, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate.

A good piece of chocolate will force you to live in the moment. To recognize the joy to be had for that moment.  The smooth creamy texture of the chocolate.  The texture of the nuts or the sea salt.  The amount of sweetness to the truffle.  The wonder at the shell being solid but the inside of the truffle being softer and more fluid.

I'm trying to live more in the present and these help me do that. . . 70 calories and 90 seconds at a time.

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