Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 22

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 22

I'm thankful for my Wonder Twin Jayna (Bunn)

I got the short end of the stick and I can only turn into forms of liquid (i.e. Zan) to help get us out of binds/conversations, as Bunn totally has the raptor/guerilla thing down (all I had was puff adder and llamma). But we can have the most awesome non-conversations with just a look and have the crudest/filthy/foul geek/nerd/cartoon filled conversations using extensive vocabs (to include her fav word indeed) and most of the time hand and body gestures.   From Raptor on tippy toes or guerilla fights with my brother (a true wonder of the world, sadly few have seen it) my wonder twin knows when I'm good or bad, happy or sad... but not in the creepy Kris Kringle kinda way.  And always knows when it is time to feed the pygmy.  I don't know what'd I'd do w/o her.

As a side note at least I'm not Gleek!!

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