Tuesday, November 10, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 9

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 9

I'm thankful for the religious in my life that don't bag on me for not being all religiousy

I grew up being beat about the head, neck, and shoulders with: "...you're going to hell!".  Now there were so many slights that could preface the going to hell, that it got to the point where I was a snarky beasty and said "as long as you're not there, it's all good!".  I know, I know total bad seed and all.  But it helped me along to where I was like I'm not really into "religious". 

And then there were the Sundays spent in 3-5 hours of Sunday School... Yes you read that correct Three (3) to Five (5) hours of Sunday School.  My church didn't have a full time pastor, so we would only have church every other Sunday & even on church Sundays, you were guaranteed at least 2-3 hours of Sunday School.  Most understand that children don't have the attention span for all that, heck I as an adult right now don't have the attention span for that.  But then the cherry on top was that I and my cousin, Bunn, were often times the only non card carrying members of AARP or on Pension in attendance.  So I didn't understand that church could be brief (45 - 60 mins) or fun.

And then I got to college!

And in this mythical place I was introduced to folks that spent all kinds of time @ church and had fun doing it. This.Blew.My.Mind.  The bad part is that I again ran into those that brow-beat me with their religion and how I was not following the path!  Like dude what are you talking about, God is all about free will, he gives you options and hopes that you chose wisely or are willing to ask for assistance to find the one that's correct for you.  And then I ran into my church elves, the ones that will still love me for me, offer me assistance when needed/necessary, and let me pick their brains about God, Jesus, The Bible, Church stuff, etc.  I wouldn't trade these elves for nothin' in the world.  They understand that I'm not challenging what they do/believe and the path that I'm walking is my own.

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