Friday, November 6, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 5

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 5

I'm thankful for naps

I got to work today earlier than normal and was looking at the clock like it stole my ice cream by 11:45 AM and thinking to myself I need a "hall pass" or "note from my grammy" so that I could skip out on the rest of the day.  AND I still didn't leave the office 'til after 6:30 PM!  I stopped for grub and brought my tail to the house. . . needless to say I fell asleep on the end of the bed. Now you know why this is so late! ;0)

Naps are just the best that bit of rest to help you not want to 186 someone.  Naps can keep you from getting a more intimate knowledge of OITNB.


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