Friday, November 13, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 12

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 12

I'm thankful for gift of time

This November 12th marks the 10th year since my grandfather passed away.  I don't normally get overwrought with emotions on this day, but I find that I'm more at peace with it this year than in years past.  I think about all that's gone on since the end of 2005 and wonder about what "Jason" would have thought about it all.  Most things he would shake his head and grunt over, a good bit would get him to saying "My aching ass", and the rest he would probably chuckle over.

There were times when we would speak on the phone and he would tell me to go and look something up or ask me to go and find him some obscure book/pamphlet and tell me to read it before I sent it to him. . . This was his method of teaching me w/o me knowing.  LOL  I always saw thru it, but I would comply to the best of my ability so that he would get what he needed and he could give me what he thought I needed.

There are moments when I miss him so much it almost hurts to breath, the tears and the memories clouding my vision and mind's eye.  Thankfully they never last long, as I'm more grateful that he's no longer trapped in a body that betrayed him. A body that didn't allow him the necessity of drawing a deep unencumbered breath, or the simplest pleasures of feeling the sunshine on his face, the breeze on this skin, or his beloved soil on his fingertips.

28 years gave me time with my grandfather and allowed me to learn wondrous things from him. The 10 years since has given me a fuller, better appreciation of the special man that he was and the blessing that was uniquely mine in having him in my life. 

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