Wednesday, November 4, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 4

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 4

I'm thankful for old people remedies

Bare with me on this one, I'm not feeling so hot and I don't know if it's allergies, weather crap, or if I've got the dreaded "ICK".  So out come the remedies that were passed on to me by my 'Rents (grand that is):
  • Symptoms: 
    • Possible Solutions
  • Up-Set/Sour Stomach: 
    • Ginger Ale/Sprite/7UP, Bananas, Crackers, Pickle Juice, Buttermilk (I'll never try this one to know if it really works or not)
  • Headache:
    • Apply Pressure / Pinch: the "web" between your thumb and the palm of your hand OR pinch the tip of your pointer finger (to cover your entire nail) as strongly as you can
  • Earache:
    • Put some "sweet oil" (i.e. olive oil) in your ear and put a piece of cotton in your ear canal to keep the oil in there
The list of things that you can do are endless and depend on where you or your people are from.

I'm off to self-diagnose and mix and match my remedies to try and cut this off at the pass, wish me luck!

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