Friday, November 20, 2015

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015: Day 18

30 Day of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 18

I'm thankful for my sugar bear

This year my kid had a kid.  I'm totally a grand-bug!!!  
She is just so yummy!!

This little lady is going to be so much fun to watch grow up, she is so much of her mother that it is comical to see in a baby.  A totally sassy pants, with RBF that will stop you in your tracks.
Pleabs fetch me my sippy cup

But she also has the wide eyed innocence of her father to smooth out the "burn your house down" rages of my kid.
I am the sunshine in your day!

I can't wait to see just what side of the force my ReyBell ends up on!
I will bring balance to the force

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