Monday, November 2, 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015: Days 1 & 2

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2015

Day 1

I'm thankful for do-nothing-days

Do-Nothing-Days are the best and I think that everyone should schedule them.  A day where you literally Do Nothing. Our current society doesn't really prize "quiet" and "stillness" anymore. You have to be doing something.  Most think that "quiet" and "stillness" go with you being really into yoga and health food; you know tree hugging, meditation doing, crunchy granola folks.  Now while I do encourage everyone to really give yoga/Pilates a real try and think that everyone would benefit from mediation (or prayer if you like).  Being quiet and still are separate things that enhance the others.  

When you are quiet and still you can hear yourself: your mind and your body.  It allows you to get back in-touch with yourself.  This "touching bases" with yourself allows to make sure that you're doing okay.

Day 2

I'm thankful for Starbucks

My Venti , non-fat, no foam Chai Tea Latte is sometimes the best part of my day.  And when you are trying to set the habit of being grateful, you sometimes get big things (like for Day 1) and some days you have to accept the small things that the universe throws your way. ;0)

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