Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And Away We Go...

So... you're here, I'm here, you're reading this, I've actually gotten this out of my thought bubble.

Hmmm... no earthquakes, the sky didn't fall, I've not seen Jesus or the 4 horsemen; I think this might be okay.

What to say?  Well let's start with a list, that's easy for me to do and easy for you to follow:

  1. Hi!
    1. Whoa that was harder than it looked
  2. I'm Pia and I'm
    1. An outgoing introvert
    2. A well know procrastinator
    3. In the habit of starting everyone out at 100 and you chip away at that as you go (or as my pessimist says "as your mask slips away")
    4. A great lover....
      1. Of food, sleep, travel, my besties, my babies, my tribe, beer/liquor, blankets & pillows, & things to be named as we get to know each other better
      2. And just a GREAT LOVER! ;)
    5. Opinionated like you wouldn't believe 
    6. Passionate about certain things, and completely lazy about others
    7. A Conservative Hippy
      1. Figure that out in your head! ;0)
I think that about covers it for the moment, don't want to give too much away from the beginning... You might get bored and leave me; or possible plot to kidnap me and keep me in the basement.  You. Never. Know!

Now how do we want to do this???  Let's put more meat on the bones above and we can work from there? Work for you?  Good, that works for me as well.

Until next time, remember just keep swimming or you'll go belly up! *^_^*

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